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Three Ways Decluttering Your Home Will Benefit Your Health

Cleaning may not top your list of favorite activities, but as you know, it’s a necessary item to complete if you want to enjoy a tidy, well-kept space. In fact, cleaning and decluttering your apartment home not only makes your home more attractive, but it also provides you with a few lesser-known benefits. Read on to discover a few of the ways decluttering your apartment can lower stress and better your health. Trust us, after reading this blog, you’ll never be more inspired to pick up the broom!  

Decluttering makes you feel competent and confident.  

Though it might seem like simple housework, in reality, decluttering involves several decision-making and problem-solving skills. Think about it: when decluttering, you’ve essentially got Y amount of space and X amount of stuff. In order to declutter your home, you’ll have to make decisions about which items stay or go and how to arrange your belongings. Do this successfully, and you’ll feel a boost of confidence about your decision-making skills. 

The act of decluttering reduces anxiety. 

Cluttered home, cluttered mind? If you’ve ever wondered if your cluttered home is contributing to your lack of focus, stress, and anxiety, you should know that the short answer is yes. Humans have evolved a preference for order and symmetry, probably because these things made life easier back in our ancestors’ early days. For that reason, many psychologists believe that cluttered homes contribute to internal anxiety. Clean up your space, and you’ll likely feel better as a result.  

Keeping a tidy home can minimize relationship and family tension.  

How many times have you fought with your spouse, child, or roommate over household clutter? For many of us, clutter not only creates internal stress, but home and relationship-related stress, as well. Not to mention, keeping a tidy home can minimize your odds of misplacing an item or losing a valued possession, both of which can result in tension and sadness.  

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